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Eco Communities is a social enterprise, specialising in the reuse and recycling of all types of computer equipment. Established in 2007, we hold all the required licenses from the Environmental Agency to handle unwanted computer equipment and adhere to the WEEE directive.

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ECO Learning

* European Computer   Driving Licence   (ECDL)
* Basic IT Skills
* FIrst Aid at work
* Health and Safety in the
Food Safety in the
* Employability
* And many more!

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There are 2 aspects of our business....

Computer Recycling
We collect donated equipment from all sources from large companies to residential, and we aim to get at least 60% back into reuse. The income we receive from selling the computers go towards our running costs and community projects. Anything that we are unfortunately unable to reuse, then goes to a responsible recycler. Please see our Collections page for more details.

When we collect any IT equipment that has a harddrive, we wipe the data to US Department of Defense standards (wipes the disk 30 times over!) to ensure no data can ever be recovered. Please see our IT Recycling page for more information

WE ARE UNIQUE, as we give 100% of our profits back to community projects.

Social Aims
As a social enterprise, we donate 100% of our profits back into the community. We support various community projects, such as IT training and elderly clubs, and in May 2011, we took over the management of 3 Lewisham libraries which were under threat of closure. Please check our Twitter feed for regular updates.

Why give your computers to a profit making company, when you can give it to us knowing that it will go to help a worthwhile cause - Please see our Community Involvement page to see some of what we do.

We have recently received unwanted IT equipment from:

- Dechert LLP
- Hyde Housing Association
- CDG (Careers Development Group)
- Cavendish Media
- Parker Arrenberg
- The British Land Company
- Turnberry Planning Limited
- China Britain Business Council
- System Associates
- The Wimbledon Guild
- Church Housing Trust
- Royal Society of Chemistry
- Gottex Asset Management
- Capital Community Foundation
- Stepping Stones Trust
- Prison Reform Trust




Computer Systems Ltd (Company number 6337737) is limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales;
and is a voluntary organisation under Section 48(ii) of the Local Government Act 1985.


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